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Are you damaging your hair?

So, in all my years of doing hair. I have seen it all!

Heat-fried-hair, chemical-cuts, split-ends to the max! AND simply, just dry brittle hair.

But how do we get here? How does one go from having soft, smooth, shiny hair to having... well, basically, a mess!?

It's simple really. Let's start with a few simple questions.

  1. How often are you washing your hair?

  2. Are you washing your scalp or your hair strands?

  3. How often do you brush your hair?

  4. Do you use any of the following at least once a week or more?


Curling Iron

Flat Iron

5. Do you use any heat protectant prior to use of heat?

6. When was the last time you had your hair cut?

So, these questions may seem simple, but they really are game changers!

Let me help you understand why! Let's first start with washing your hair...

Over washing can strip your hair from the natural oils that are required to replenish itself. This can cause dry, brittle hair. It's important to remember, although washing your hair regularly is healthy! We don't want to overindulge in a good thing! My rule of thumb for washing hair is usually, two, maybe three times a week, tops! To some of you, this may sound gross. I'm sorry! To others it's a "Hail Mary!" I mean who wants to do more work? Yes, I am telling you to do less!

While we're at washing our hair. Another key factor to keeping our hair healthy and shiny. (Drum-roll, please!) Shampooing your scalp! not your ends! Save the hair scrubbing for your clothes! Your hair will wash as the shampoo runs down your ends. When you scrub your hair, you damage the cuticles of your hair which can cause frizz and breakage! In turn, scrubbing your scalp increases blood flow which promotes HAIR GROWTH. Yup, That's right! We ALL love that! It also helps massage all the debris and build-up from our scalp. Win! Win!! (Below is a picture of healthy hair on the right and damaged cuticles on the left.)

Once you're out of the shower, it's equally important to be gentle. A great leave-in conditioner to help remove tangles, that I LOVE... It's a 10! (I have provided the link for all my guests to enjoy a $20 off your first purchase! You wont be sorry!) Also, don't rough up your hair with a towel. A simple squeeze using your towel works best! Spritz on, It's a 10 on your mid-shaft to ends and brush. Make sure your start from the bottom of your hair and detangle to the root. Working from the root to the ends only creates more tangles.

Okay, so this is where it gets heated! Although we all require "heat" to create our beautiful locks! It's important to keep it minimal. A good blow-out should last you a few days! If you're waking up in the morning to find a few misplaced hairs. Try and avoid adding more heat. I know, this is a hard one! Although it will alleviate the kink or frizz. Most people don't stop there. It's not a green pass to redo your whole head with additional heat! I guess what I'm trying to say is... DON'T DO IT!

Oh, and by the way! Heat protectant products can be life savers! They help ease frizz, add shine, can work as detangling tools AND protect your hair from heat. Just make sure you're not over doing it! One small squirt goes along way. My life saver in this department has ALWAYS been, Kerastase Oleo-Relax hair serum. If you can only afford one thing in your hair arsenal, this is it! One bottle lasts me a few months and I use it on EVERY, single, client! It's a god send, and it smells like heaven! (You can purchase that here

Now for the nitty-gritty. I know-I know. You are trying to grow out your hair. You can't afford to cut anything off. Did you know, your hair grows 1/2 and inch every month! It may not seem like it though if your ends are brittle and breaking. Don't believe me? Look at your roots. Your hair grows from your scalp. If you're not gaining any length, that's not because it's not growing. It's because it's breaking. Breakage could be from your root, your mid-shaft or even your ends. Either way, a healthy trim can eliminate split-ends and keep you gaining rather than loosing! I guess that's where a little patience comes in handy.

Well, there you have it! The official run-down on how NOT to damage your hair! It is possible. The key to using conditioners, leave-ins and serums is to avoid your scalp. This can make your roots oily faster. Oily leads to more shampooing. It's a vicious cycle. With a little cognizance and self-awareness anything is possible! The rest is up to your stylist!

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