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Sun-kissed Balayage

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Ba-lay-age - (noun) a technique for highlighting hair in which the color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Whether you're looking for a bold blonde look or a subtle sun-kissed look, Balayage may be the way to go! Since the technique is painted on the hair, away from the roots it eliminates a bold "root" look that you would get with color or highlights. With a color or highlights service, a rebooking is necessary every 6-8 weeks. The benefits of choosing to go the Balayage route will give you a longer time period between touch-ups. It will also give a more natural, soft transition from color to the painted Balayage. Whether you choose a Balayage service or Highlights, the idea of both services is to add a beautiful, dimensional glow to your hair.

There are many variations in balayage application, some artists like to use foil, others use cotton or Saran-Wrap to separate hair. Each stylist picks hair pieces that they feel will best enhance their clients wants and needs. A bold blonde around the face can be referred to as a "Money-Piece" or maybe you prefer darker in the back with a gradual shift to blonde. Depending on your stylists technique, you are sure to come out of the salon with a unique one-of-a-kind custom color.

Choosing the right service for you may range from price, time, maintenance or just look. If cost is a factor, the length and fullness of your hair will have a huge determining factor. Also, if you're looking to cover gray, that may be an added expense. Either way, Balayage can be a little more costly upfront due to the "hand painted" customization. Unlike the Color or Highlight service, a Balayage service could ideally be touched-up every 6 months.

Due to placement and the soft swept look on hair, roots don't really apply to Balayage. Rather a subtle, natural regrowth. (refer to picture below)

Now that you're a Balayage expert, is Balayage the right choice for you? Are you still undecided? Feel free to ask me which look best suites your goal!

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