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When you've got an itch to lighten your hair

When you've been a "colored" brunette for well over 10 years.. Then a pandemic hits and you start to rethink things. Should I go lighter? Should I be a blonde? Maybe its time to change things up a bit! But my husband doesn't like me blonde.. Oh well, you think! Its MY time!

As a stylist, this is a very common occurrence. Throw in a pandemic, a divorce, a loss, a graduation, a breakup, a wedding, you name it. Its been done. Some times this is a very quick and easy transition and others times it could be a long, drawn out journey!

I sat her down in my chair and drilled her with questions! How often do you color your hair? What brand of color do you use? Do your pull the color thru your hair, every time? When was the last time you had highlights? How light do you wanna go? Do you take any medications? And on and on and on!

We decided we would take a gradual approach. Now, this isn't the route I would take with everyone but this particular client I didn't have a choice. She had answered all my questions with the wrong answer. She colored her hair every 2 weeks. She pulled it thru to the ends, every time, her scalp was extremely sensitive, she washed her hair every day and flat ironed to top it all off.

Most people would wonder, why does any of this matter? but to an experienced hairdresser, you know you're in for a long appointment. Possibly a lot of damage and even a few appointments to gradually get to the desired color.

Our journey began. This, was after one appointment.

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